Who We Are

OSADI Commercial Supplies Sdn Bhd manages recruitment needs of our clients seeking for unskilled or semi-skilled manpower from source country i.e. Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka.

History and Background

Incorporated in Penang since 2002, OSADI Commercial Supplies Sdn Bhd (OSADI) provides manpower services management, local and foreign manpower solutions to all our clients. OSADI enables high performance through our expertise in local and foreign manpower services management manpower solutions. Our vast experience of over a decade in this field make us a leading manpower service provider in Malaysia.

Our Business

Its dedicated and experienced management team possess strong and in-depth knowledge of industry and employment trends, enabling us to deliver manpower solutions effectively and efficiently to our clients.

To date, OSADI had successfully assisted its clients to bring in more than 28,000 local and foreign employees. OSADI offers a comprehensive array of manpower services management and consultancy services for its clients including:

Human Resource Management
Manpower Services Management
Immigration Related Services
Hostel Management
Transport Management
Visa/Work Permit Renewal

Licence and Permit

OSADI had been granted C License by the Ministry of Human Resources (JTK) on 10th September 2018. Under Malaysia Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 (“Act”). Private employment agencies operating in Malaysia must have a C License under the Act (“License”) before they can carry out any local and foreign recruiting activity in Malaysia.