Our Values

Our Vision is to be the leading manpower service provider in the country.

Our Mission is to provide reliable manpower services at all times to all client companies and to ensure all workers are adequately trained and well-motivated.


Customer Focus









Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

OSADI Code of Ethics and Business Conduct specifies and helps the continued implementation of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Principles by establishing certain non-negotiable minimum standards of behaviour in key areas.

We comply with Malaysia Labour laws and conform with RBA Labour & ethics codes at all times.

To help us maintain our ethical workplace, every Osadi person is required to report any suspected violation of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct policies. To report an ethics issue kindly email us at:

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We do the right things.
  • Reporting non-compliance and non-conformance conduct and Non Retaliation.
  • Avoid conflict of Interest
  • Embrace RBA Labour & Ethics codes in our Recruitment and Manpower Servicing Businesses.
  • We value and protect our confidential information and we respect the confidential information of others
  • We insist on honesty and we respect the Company’s assets and property
  • We condemn any form of bribery and corruption
  • We establish & train employees on gifts, meals, entertainment policy

  • We embrace diversity and respect the personal dignity of our fellow employees
  • We do business with responsible supplier and business partner
  • We upheld Fair Business, Advertising and Competition
  • We safeguard Personal Data as per legal requirements
  • We ensure Accurate Records, Document and Retention
  • Compliance with the Code of ethics and business conduct principles is an essential element in OSADI business success.

Corporate Philosophy

OSADI’s Corporate Objective is to build its own brand of quality in its manpower services provision by ensuring the OSADI benchmark of quality is maintained among its workers. OSADI’s Corporate Objective is also to meet ISO9001:2015 standards.

Achieve superior worker reliability

Achieve a good career progression for all workers

Achieve a highly motivated workforce

Achieve a highly engaged workforce

To achieve the Company’s Corporate Vision and Corporate Objectives, the Management has devised appropriate strategies to maintain consistent growth while at the same time maintaining the internal standards.

The Company has developed its own Corporate Culture by setting its own acceptable standards and benchmarks in line with its corporate vision and objectives and training employees in house to develop this OSADI Corporate Culture.

OSADI Quality Benchmark

Having reached acceptable standards/benchmarks in terms of:

  • staff quality
  • staff motivation
  • consistency in work performance
  • participation and engagement
  • adequate job knowledge
  • staff attitude and grooming
  • service with a smile

The Osadi brand of worker quality has evolved beautifully and is now firmly entrenched in the corporate manpower market.