OSADI walks the talk to enhance business integrity and ethics through compliance and conformance to all related legal requirements and labour code.

Code of ethics and business conduct for responsible recruitment and responsible workplace

  • Implementing Transparency & Equal Access to Information to the jobseekers & workers
  • Legal compliance & EICC/RBA labor code conformance listing
  • Implementing due diligent/risk assessment program at employer – service provider & client side
  • Code of conducts (COC) for recruitment drive

Responsible Partners

Implementing due diligent/risk assessment program

Conduct due diligent on recruitment service provider (local and overseas) prior engaging their services. Conduct risk assessment on local labor laws and EICC/RBA labor code requirements at employer – client side prior to the recruitment works.

The criteria for the due diligent and risk assessment shall be conducted accordance to the:

  • local labor laws (labor contract, wages & benefits, working hours, OT, rest day & etc)
  • EICC/RBA labor code (all the 7 elements)
  • EICC/RBA worker safety and health: canteen, hostel and transportation

Working with the right partners

Osadi’s suppliers are a vital part of our success, and we value that partnership to the highest degree. Our connection with our talent partners happen not just the point of talent acquisition, but at many touch points across the spectrum of our business. Therefore, we are committed to finding the right partners who understands the standards we achieve, integrity, ethical and reliable, and as dedicated as we are to meet the current needs of the industry.

Effective partnerships

On our part, we are building our capabilities to become an even more effective partner. We bring our knowledge of the manufacturing and service sectors, our sales, marketing and customer service strengths to our partners, including maintaining an open and honest communication channel, providing them with the latest information on legal requirements and client preferences.

By playing an effective role in our partnerships, we are able to strengthen each other’s capabilities and provide a valuable link from one end of the industry to the other.

Legal compliance & EICC/RBA labour code conformance listing

a) List out and update all required permits & licenses that required for recruiting workers.
b) We ensure all relevant legal requirements local and oversea pertaining to recruitment workers are identified, assessed and monitored
c) We ensure all jobseekers hired are legally able to work in the country of employment. i.e. legal working age, managing young worker, valid visa and work permit
d) We ensure data classification and data protection mechanism to safeguards jobseekers personal data
e) We prohibit jobseekers from paying placement fee.
f) Prevention of discrimination and to respect diversity.

ISO 9001 : 2015
Quality Management System

Recognizing customer requirements, we are focused to consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. Emphasizing Quality Management System to Plan, Measure, Monitor Report to ensure all customers’ requirements have met with continual improvement. This structured way of delivering better services is supported by documented information such as procedures, work instructions, policies and forms.