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Students & Entry-Level

Kickstart your career with Osadi

Osadi welcomes students and entry-level professionals to embark on an exciting career journey. Discover opportunities for internships, mentorship, and early-career development.

Internship Programs

Gain hands-on experience and insights into our industry through tailored internship opportunities.

Our Young Workers and Intern Policy →

Mentorship and Support

Benefit from guidance and support from experienced professionals who are invested in your success.

Career Growth

Explore entry-level positions that offer a strong foundation for career growth and continuous learning.


At Osadi, we recognize the diverse talents and aspirations of students from various fields of study. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career, apply academic knowledge, or transition into a new sector, we have a role tailored for you.

Wondering how your unique skills fit into our ecosystem? Engage with us during campus events or join our virtual sessions throughout the year to get a clearer picture. Follow us on LinkedIn to be notified of the next event.

Internships & Programs

Experience the multifaceted world of recruitment through our diverse internships and programs. Get a firsthand glimpse into various roles, understand the Osadi ethos, and acquire skills that will serve you throughout your professional journey.

Our offerings cater to a wide audience, from undergraduates and postgraduates to those with specialized degrees. Whether you’re exploring the consulting realm, aspiring to be a future leader, or delving into niche areas like knowledge management, we have a program tailored for you.