Recruitment Services

We hire and deploy reliable and quality local and foreign workers to businesses.

What We Do

Recruitment for Foreign workers
Backed by reliable agents from source country i.e. Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka.
Recruitment Services for Foreign workers
JTK & KDN Approval
Embassy Attestation
Notary Public
Documents for Immigration
FW Insurance
Airport Clearance
Permit & Passport Renewal

Recruitment for Local workers
OSADI have a team of reliable recruiters to recruit local workers from Greater Penang area.

Expatriate & Professional Visit Pass (DP10)
Employment Pass Category 1, 2, 3
Dependent Pass
Short Term Pass
Visa Cancellation
Translation Certificates
Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

Professional Consultation

Executive Search
OSADI only recruits the best for our clients.

Benefits & Advantages of OSADI Responsible Recruitment Program

Responsible recruitment provides a safe, effective and transparent system in local and foreign worker recruitment drive where:

  • Employer will be more ensure that ethical recruitment are observed thus business risks related to labour actions shall be mitigated or minimized
  • Jobseeker/Worker are provided with accurate details of working conditions and maximum information to help them pursue opportunities, confidence in the enforceability of employment contract and effectiveness of labour protection against labour abuses.
  • Verification and Certification by Interested party and independent party shall be adequately and efficiently conducted.

Osadi Responsible Recruitment Program

All recruitment processes shall governed by Osadi’s Code of Ethics and Business conduct.
Establish Legal requirements & EICC/RBA labor code conformance listing in each recruitment drive.
Establish due diligent/risk assessment procedure at employer – service provider & client side
Establish Transparency & Equal Access to Information to the jobseekers/ workers.

Other Services