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Young Workers and Intern Policy

OSADI shall not employ children younger than 15 or younger than the age for completing compulsory education in Malaysia directly or via labor agencies. Workers under the age 18 shall not perform night work, overtime work and work that is likely to jeopardize the health or safety of young workers. The company shall comply with all statutory legislation relating to staffing. It is a policy of Company to support Universities by accepting a certain number of interns to do their practical training in company. No student worker or apprentices hired in company. Company does not use agency or intermediary in connection with the intake of interns. The acceptance of internship training will be done directly with the universities. All learning and training are voluntary, and the company prohibits interns to be uses as workers to simply fill in the labour shortage. Intern shall make report to HR department if their work activities not connected with the studies or being used as workers. The company shall comply accordance with law and regulations and there shall be no any form of harassment and discrimination applied to interns during their practical training in the company.