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Management’s Commitment

OSADI is deeply committed to all our business partners and associates to uphold the Responsible Business Alliances – Code of Conduct. We shall observe the highest principles of ethics, integrity, professional conduct and fair practices in our Recruitment and Manpower Servicing Business. Our code of Labor and Ethics, Professional Conduct covers the following areas:


  • Freely Chosen Employment
  • Young Workers
  • Working Hours
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Human Treatment
  • Non-Discrimination/Non-Harassment
  • Freedom of Association


  • Environmental Permits and Reporting
  • Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Health & Safety

  • Occupational Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Occupational Injury and Illness
  • Physical Demanding Work
  • Food, Sanitation and Housing
  • Health and Safety Communication


  • Business Integrity
  • No Improper Advantage
  • Disclosure of Information
  • Intellectual Property
  • Fair Business, Advertising and Competition
  • Protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation
  • Privacy

Management System

  • Company Commitment
  • Management Accountability & Responsibility
  • Legal and Customer Requirements
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Managements
  • Improvement Objective
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Worker Feedback, Participation and Grievance
  • Audit and Assessments
  • Corrective Action Process
  • Documentations and Records
  • Supplier Responsibility

In compliance with applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements and continuous improvement through training, feedback, communication, along with regular audits and assessment establishing the mechanism of grievance and dispute settlement with perspective corrective action. The Management shall take full responsibility and accountability to fulfil all the commitments stated.