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Managed Services

Payroll & HRM Outsourcing

Payroll and HR processes? We take the complexity out of your hands.

Within the comprehensive solutions that Osadi offers, our payroll and HRM outsourcing services play a pivotal role. They are integral components that ensure the smooth functioning of your workforce management. By streamlining these critical functions, we enable businesses to focus on their core objectives while we handle the complexities.

Payroll processing

Accurate and timely processing of employee salaries, benefits, and deductions.

Compliance management

Adherence to local tax laws and regulations, including employer registration with relevant authorities like LHDN, EPF, SOCSO, and more.

Reporting and analytics

Insightful reports to support decision-making and ensure transparency.

Employee self-service portal

A user-friendly portal for employees to access pay information and manage personal details.

Seamless integration for optimal efficiency

When you partner with Osadi, you’re not just getting a service; you’re integrating a solution. Our payroll and HRM services are seamlessly woven into our comprehensive offerings, ensuring:

Our strengths

  • Consultancy-driven solutions →
    Our expertise in the recruitment and manpower domain ensures that our payroll and HRM solutions are tailored to specific client needs, rather than being generic.
  • End-to-end care →
    From the moment an employee joins to their eventual departure, we meticulously manage every aspect of their payroll and HR needs, ensuring seamless experiences.

Ethical Recruitment Solutions

Expert-driven recruitment tailored to your business needs.

Turnkey Manpower Solutions

End-to-end solutions, from recruitment to welfare management.