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In a significant milestone for 2024, OSADI proudly announces the successful completion of an early round of RBA-guided training on forced labor. This training initiative was spearheaded by Mr. Chee Keong Lai, the Senior Director of Advisory Services at the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), and took place in the renowned city of Kathmandu, Nepal.

The primary objective of this training was to reinforce our unwavering commitment to ethical recruitment standards. OSADI recognizes the importance of not only upholding these standards but also staying at the forefront of developments within Malaysia’s local and foreign manpower supply industry. The timing of this training was particularly strategic, aligning perfectly with the recent release of version 8.0 of the RBA Code of Conduct guidebook, accessible here: RBA Code of Conduct 8.0.

Armed with a renewed understanding of sustainable recruitment practices, OSADI is poised to make significant contributions to the industry. Our mission is to continually enhance the employment landscape, providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of both jobseekers and employers in a dynamic and ever-changing market. We are dedicated to championing a more diverse and inclusive workspace, setting the standard for ethical recruitment practices in the industry.