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Latest Expat Employment Updates

ESD Guidebook 4.0 is out!

The comprehensive ESD Guidebook version 4.0 is out just in time to round off the final quarter of 2023. With stark changes to its design and some newer content, the revised guidebook features the newly added Xpats Gateway system along with detailed step-by-step processes to ease your expatriate hiring needs. Keep ahead of the game with a FREE copy of the guidebook at

Future expats can enjoy further convenience as ESD has announced the reinstatement of i-Kad, which is a biometric residence permit, effective 24th October 2023. Endorsement payments for expat work passes made on the 24th will also be eligible for i-Kad issuance.

Download ESD Guidebook here →

Last Call for Hiring Incentives!

Application date for PERKESO’s Daya Kerjaya incentive ends 31st December 2023

As a great initiative to encourage and nurture more local talent in the workforce, the Daya Kerjaya and Bina Kerjaya program by Perkeso will be ending on 31st December 2023 in light of Belanjawan 2024, which may pave the way for other new and different government projects.

Don’t miss out on the final call to enrol your new hires in this rewarding scheme for employees and employers alike!

Budget 2024 Insight

OSADI’s insight to changes in gig economy and labour market

The second tabling of Malaysia’s Budget 2024 is akin to chicken soup for the humble salaryman, affirming the Government’s initiative to reward a previously challenging gig economy and slow labour market by addressing employee benefits, equality in the workforce, foreign manpower, and more.

Budget 2024 will likely promote a healthier gig economy in Malaysia and further encourage an entrepreneurial spirit based on what has been entailed in the enhancement of gig worker’s welfare. The improved social protection, career building programme and mobilepreneur schemes looks promising for gig workers to not only earn a decent living but also to upskill careerwise.

The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) will also see the launch of six initiatives in line with Budget 2024, which also aims to create 1.34 million jobs in the country. The number of women in the workforce is expected to increase by 60%in light of the now strengthened social protection network.

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