Local & Foreign Manpower Services Solutions

OSADI has its main business as a Manpower SERVICES provider i.e. workers are hired by OSADI’s but assigned to client companies for specific periods on assignment basis. OSADI is committed to implement responsible workplace program to ensure worker are highly engaged and aware of their labour rights.

What We Do

The client company is the principal employer to the worker and OSADI is the immediate employer to the worker.

  • Recruit & Supply Foreign & Local workers on behalf of employers
  • Preparation of Documents for JTK & KDN’s interview and other related departments
  • Runner’s job i.e. Submission, Payment & Collection of calling visa, worker’s permit at Immigration Office, KDN & other related government department
  • Foreign Workers Interview & Selection at Source Country

Worker’s clearance & transportation to and from airport upon worker’s arrival

  • Worker’s Accommodation (Hostel & Dormitory)
  • Transportation Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Worker’s Welfare & Management
  • Counseling Services

Total Foreign Manpower Solution

Recruitment Services for Foreign workers
Professional Foreign Labour Consultation
Workers Welfare & Management
Payroll Services
Efficient Transport Services
Hostel & Dormitory

Total Local Manpower Solution

Recruitment for Local workers
Professional Local Labour Consultation
Efficient Transport Management
Payroll Services
Workers Welfare & Management
Local Workers’ Hostel

Benefits and advantages of Responsible Workplace program

1. Employer will be more ensure that local labor laws and RBA labor code are observed thus business risks related to labor actions shall be mitigated or minimized
2. Employees are aware of the opportunity to be more engaged with the employer by participating in communication, learning and development programs
3. Verification and Certification by Interested party and independent party shall be adequately and efficiently conducted.

Osadi’s Responsible Workplace Program

1. Implement Osadi’s Responsible Recruitment Program to ensure ethical recruitment are apply in every level of recruitment processes;
2. Establish Management system to ensure compliance to local labor laws and conformance to RBA Labor & Ethics Codes are observed;
3. Pursue and educate factory owners and senior management on RBA Codes of Conduct / requirements from brands / retailers, governments, and other stakeholders;
4. Support factories to identify gaps in their current practices and management systems with the updated requirements
5. Provide training and education directly to workers and factories on worker management dialogue, grievance mechanisms, and foreign migrant worker issues;
6. Establish helpline that provides workers with an accessible and timely avenue to raise concerns or inquiries.