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Positioned at the crossroads of innovation and accessibility, Malaysia emerges as a pivotal player in the global healthcare manufacturing arena.

With a solid infrastructure that supports both medical device and pharmaceutical production, more than 30 MNCs producing high-value medical devices including B. Braun and Teleflex, have made Malaysia their offshore location for manufacturing operations. Coupled with a significant export volume to major global markets, Malaysia stands out as a top choice for healthcare manufacturing in Southeast Asia*.

* The export of medical devices from Malaysia registered a double-digit growth of 24.9% valued at RM29.99 billion in 2020. - Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

Osadi’s role

Osadi understands the precision and standards required in healthcare manufacturing. We provide a workforce trained specifically for the demands of medical device production and pharmaceutical processes, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

Challenges and solutions

Healthcare manufacturing demands adherence to stringent regulations and a commitment to innovation. Osadi’s tailored recruitment and training programs ensure our workforce meets these exacting standards, always ready for the sector’s evolving challenges.

Future outlook

With medical technology and pharmaceutical development advancing rapidly, Osadi remains committed to equipping our workforce with the latest skills and knowledge, ensuring they’re primed for the industry’s future demands.