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Semiconductor & Electronics

Malaysia currently ranks as the world's seventh-largest semiconductor exporter.

Pivotal in the global semiconductor supply chain*, Malaysia excels in back-end processes such as testing, packaging, and assembly. With industry leaders like Flex, Micron, Jabil, Plexus, OSRAM, SAM, and AMD anchoring their operations in the country, the advantages of Malaysia’s strategic location and skilled workforce are clear.

* Penang, Malaysia, known as a semiconductor manufacturing hub, contributes over 30% to the country's total semiconductor exports by value. Approximately 7% of the global semiconductor trade flows through Malaysia. - As of 2023, Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

Osadi’s role

Osadi stands out in the recruitment landscape with a keen focus on the semiconductor and electronics sector. We don’t just provide manpower; we offer industry-focused consultants who understand the intricacies of this domain. Our team ensures that every recruit, whether skilled or semi-skilled, is aptly matched to the specific needs of the industry, ensuring seamless integration and optimal productivity.

Challenges and solutions

The semiconductor and electronics sector is characterized by its rapid technological advancements and the need for precision. Recognizing these unique challenges, Osadi’s industry-focused consultants delve deep into the specifics of each client’s requirements. From understanding the nuances of assembly line operations to the complexities of quality control in electronics manufacturing, our consultants ensure that the workforce provided is trained and ready to hit the ground running.

Future outlook

With the semiconductor and electronics industry poised for continuous growth, Osadi is committed to evolving alongside. Our dedication to understanding the sector’s ever-changing dynamics ensures that our clients always have access to a workforce that’s not only skilled but also industry-aware.