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Malaysia, with its skilled workforce and strategic location, stands as a premier manufacturing destination in Southeast Asia for global manufacturers.

Contributing over 24% to the national GDP and employing around 28% of the workforce*, the nation excels as a hub for electronics, machinery, petroleum products, and more.

* As of 2022, Department of Statistics, Malaysia | Statista

Osadi’s role

Osadi understands the multifaceted nature of manufacturing. We specialize in matching skilled and semi-skilled workers to roles that demand precision and efficiency. Whether it’s overseeing production processes or handling advanced machinery, we ensure every position is filled by someone attuned to the industry’s standards.

Challenges and solutions

Manufacturing industries have varied requirements, from specialized equipment handling to quality assurance. Osadi’s approach is tailored to these unique needs. We not only recruit but also train our workforce to align with the specific demands of each manufacturing sector, ensuring seamless integration and optimal productivity.

Future outlook

As manufacturing technologies evolve, so do the skills required. Osadi is at the forefront, ensuring our workforce is equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s manufacturing landscape.

  • Industry-focused consultants →
    Our industry-focused consultants ensure solutions are not generic but tailored to the specific nuances of each manufacturing sector.
  • Ethical recruitment →
    In alignment with UN SDG’s Goal 8 , Osadi champions decent work and economic growth. We prioritize the well-being and growth of our workforce, ensuring recruitment practices that are both ethical and sustainable, benefiting our clients, the recruits, and the broader global community.
  • End-to-end workforce solutions →
    We manage all aspects, from training and payroll to logistics and accommodation, providing a holistic solution.