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Our Commitment to ESG

OSADI Malaysia rounds off the final quarter of 2023 with new ESG-centric initiatives

We are proud to announce our entrance to the Malaysia Budget 2024 forum as a humble sponsor and with the hopes of contributing to the growing ESG-centric environment within the industry.

While we do a little at a time in giving back to the community, OSADI will remain committed to our ethical recruitment standards as we gear up for the new year. In hindsight, the Malaysia Budget 2024 forum was truly insightful and a good reminder to all our clients to not let your HRD Corp levy be left unclaimed!

Malaysia Budget 2024 Forum aside, we were also grateful participants of the inaugural SME Tech Summit 2023 held in Penang and in the presence of Penang Deputy Chief Minister II YAB Jagdeep Singh Deo. Much like the ever-evolving E&E scene, it has been a grueling yet hopeful year for us and as we prepare to send off 2023 in style, we look to the near future with many great opportunities to share.

Smooth Sailing for Expats with MDAC

More exciting and convenient measures are now open to expatriate professionals in Malaysia.

With the recent introduction of the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC), eager expatriates can now look forward to better convenience when applying for arrival visas into Malaysia for work or travel. MDAC came into full effect on December 1 this year and is set to improve processing times as well as minimise the need for long queues at the Malaysian Immigration counters.

According to the latest information from JIM, travellers will be required to apply for MDAC at least 3 days prior to their arrival, with exception for Singapore nationals which are permitted to enter visa free for up to 15 days. Malaysian PR and MACS holders and those transiting through Singapore will also be allowed through immigration clearance without issue.

On that topic, single-entry visas are not exempt for Chinese and Indian nationals who intend to enter the country for employment-related purposes. The Expatriate Services Division (ESD) will be accepting new applications starting 15th December 2023. So, plan ahead now or book a consultation with us for all your expat work permit needs!

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Long Road Ahead for Malaysia’s Foreign Worker Projection in 2024

Malaysia ex-Human Resource Minister V Sivakumar announces a standstill foreign worker quota until 2025

A metaphorical great winter will continue to cast Malaysia’s foreign worker quota in another year of hiring freeze as former Human Resource Minister Sivakumar announced that the current projection has exceeded the 2.4million cap. While Cabinet has yet to put forth its decision on the matter, much is desired as the demand for foreign workers revs up in light of the growing SME and MNC manufacturing industry, especially in Penang.

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New Health Tests and Updated Pricing for FOMEMA

FOMEMA expands health safeguard with 3 new medical tests for foreign workers

From 16th December 2023 onward, FOMEMA has made available three new health screening tests to its services applicable to foreign workers arriving in Malaysia. The new tests are focused on filariasis, Hepatitis C, and drug tests for Methamphetamine.

FOMEMA has also updated its registration process for new arrivals and renewal applications. In line with these announcements, the fee structure for foreign worker medical examinations has increased for male (RM207), female (RM217) and refund/cancellation cases (RM27).

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