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What you can do here

You, the Trailblazer, and us, the Rocket Fuel

At Osadi, we empower you to become the visionary leader you’re destined to be, transcending the norms of recruitment. Here, your innovative ideas are ignited in a space where creativity and revolutionary solutions flourish. It’s a realm of rapid growth and multifaceted development in recruitment and manpower services. Every endeavor is an opportunity to drive meaningful, positive change, impacting individuals and organizations profoundly.

It’s not just about work; it’s about making a significant, purposeful difference in the world.

Industry-focused careers

Embark on a transformative journey at Osadi, where your passion and expertise converge to create impactful solutions in diverse industries. Specialize in fields like semiconductor and electronics, manufacturing, renewable energy, healthcare, or logistics, and leverage your insights to address the unique recruitment challenges each presents.

It’s about more than just filling roles; it’s about fostering meaningful connections, understanding the nuances of each industry, and contributing to Osadi’s mission to innovate and excel in recruitment services. Here, your knowledge will not only shape industries but also redefine the standards of recruitment.

Digital transformation careers

Step into the future with Osadi and be a harbinger of change in the digital realm. Here, you’ll explore the intersection of technology, innovation, and recruitment, driving the transformation that reshapes how we connect talents and industries. It’s about leveraging the power of digital to create meaningful connections, optimize processes, and deliver unparalleled value to our clients and the sectors we serve.

Explore the teams you can join at Osadi

Strategic Consulting

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Our Strategic Consulting Team is where insight meets action. We dive deep into market trends and client needs to craft strategies that drive Osadi forward. It’s about being proactive, staying ahead of the curve, and ensuring we’re always positioned to deliver maximum value to our clients. We’re the thinkers, the planners, the strategists, shaping the future of recruitment.

Operational Excellence

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Efficiency and precision are the hallmarks of our Operational Excellence Team. We’re obsessed with refining processes and optimizing interactions to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Every detail matters, and we’re committed to getting them right. We’re the doers, turning visionary ideas into reality and ensuring Osadi operates like a well-oiled machine.

People & Culture

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The People & Culture Team is all about creating a vibrant and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. We value diversity, encourage growth, and believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential. It’s about fostering a positive and dynamic culture where innovation flourishes, and everyone feels valued. We’re the nurturers, building a community where everyone can be their best selves.

Client Engagement

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Building strong, lasting relationships is at the core of our Client Engagement Team. We listen, we understand, and we connect, ensuring our clients’ needs are always met with unparalleled service. We’re passionate about delivering excellence and exceeding expectations at every turn. We’re the connectors, bridging the gap between Osadi and our clients, and ensuring satisfaction is a constant.

Global Solutions

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Our Global Solutions Team specializes in crafting tailored solutions that address the unique needs of diverse industries. We approach every challenge with a global perspective, delivering results that resonate on an international scale. We’re the problem solvers, leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise to create value-driven solutions that make a difference.

Corporate Services

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The Corporate Services Team is the backbone of Osadi, managing the essentials of finance, compliance, and operations. We ensure everything runs smoothly, allowing the rest of the organization to focus on what they do best. We’re the organizers, the multitaskers, keeping the wheels turning and making sure Osadi is always on solid ground.

Experienced professionals

Build a career as unique as you are. We’ll provide the support, inclusive culture and technology you need to become the best version of you.

Students and entry-level

From student programs and other offerings to full-time positions, find a role where you can build an exceptional experience for yourself.